About Me

!! A warm welcome to works-a-treat.com !!

'sending love and support in life'

‘sending love and support in life’

Hi, my name is Tracey.  I am 43 years old and have spent the last 16 years working incredibly hard for the NHS with little reward and with the current government in power, the future looks bleak so enough is enough!  I want to be rewarded for my own efforts so….. I AM FINDING A MUCH BETTER WAY !!  In stark contrast, Six Figure Mentors have opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities:

  • LEARN and EARN around my full time job.
  • Earn money online by selling products that I BELIEVE IN!
  • Build up enough income to QUIT MY JOB.
  • Choose WHENEVER and WHEREVER I want to work in the world!

Since 1st May 2015, I have been blown away by the support both technically and by the amazing community network.  Everyone at SFM have instilled in me the belief necessary to start my own business and are helping me step-by-step to build my dreams.

The future now looks very bright indeed and it so easily could be for you too!